Ed.D. Update
Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 04:35PM
David Chambers

Time is moving fast and a final direction for my research question is looming large.  I've moved all over the place, which isn't good.  After exploring the problem of parents cut out of the involvement loop because of the move to replace paper with digital information to issues surrounding assessment and the utter lack of implemented solutions to the most effective use of data by educators, I think I'm coming close to knowing my direction.  It is the intellectual fusion of everything we do here to social justice that is very motivating.  I need to seek a little more advice from my professors, but I'll get back to you here when I have completely settled on a question.  

I'm really enjoying attending classes with my cohort.  That seems a little simplistic, but so many programs these days are mostly online or a hybrid, it feels very good to be a part of a tradition doctoral program that gets us in a classroom each week for all of our classes.  I care as much about how my cohort views me as I do my professors. That leads to a strong bonding and a collegial environment that is truly a joy.  We do have an online component within the construct of a traditional doctoral program, and I really enjoy that as well.  Below is a response I made to an online presentation from my colleagues.   No matter how old I get or how self-indulgent it seems, I never get tired of watching myself on TV.



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