Morning in Beziers

This is the view from the window of my room at the convent in the morning. It's amazing how well you can sleep when you're exhausted. I walked over to the Mother House with my colleague, Jacqui, for some breakfast and more delightful conversation with Sisters we met just this morning. We will begin tonight with our program at 6pm after we've decompressed from our journey. I think I'll walk around town today, eat lunch, take a nice long nap, read and relax before we start this evening.


Arrival in Beziers

I snapped the above shot as we were arriving at Lyon walking toward the station to await our connecting train to Beziers. After a ten hour flight and two, two hour train rides, we arrived last night at around 9:30pm. My traveling companions are Dr. Jacqui Landry, Head of School at Marymount High School, Los Angeles, and Sister Claire, a Sister of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary who is truly a delight. We arrived exhausted, however we were greeted at the Beziers train station by Sister Bernadette. We were very happy to see her. I was particularly pleased because I had not seen her since 2006 in Paris when she and others made me feel so welcome as a new member of the RSHM Network of Schools. At this point I will be posting to this journal with just my iPhone because it is my only Internet access. Hopefully the pictures it takes are up to snuff.
Although I am looking forward to a spritually invigorating week of growth and discovery in Beziers and the RSHM Mother House, I already miss Annette and Davy. After a snack of pasta and chicken and conversation with the Sisters in their community room at the convent , I am going to sleep! See you in the morning.


Well, let's get started

Here we go.  This is a blog I am creating to log my thoughts, reactions, and feelings about a trip that I am making to Beziers, Rome, and London. Thanks to the generosity of Sister Mary Ganino, RSHM and all of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, I have the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to travel to Beziers, France for an immersion into the charism and historical journey of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, a religious order founded by Father Jean Gaillac and co-founded by Mother Mere St. Jean.  As I travel this pilgrimage, I will let you know, not just what I have seen, the friends I have made, and the photographs I have taken, but what I have felt and what, on a day-to-day basis, this means to me.


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